All Warid prepaid customers who have recharged their number at least one time are eligible to use this service.
How to Transfer Balance

Subscribers will be able to transfer balance via normal SMS.

Step 1: Go to Menu and choose Write Message.

Step 2: Key in B
to 1414

SMS notification will be sent to sender and receiver of balance share. Following are the notification messages.

Sender Message: “Dear User, Account “92321XXXXXX” has been successfully topped up with Rs. XXXX, your new account balance is Rs. XXXX. REFID: 211230034312”

Receiver Message:“ Dear User, your account has been topped up with Rs.XXXX by account “0321XXXXXXX” Your new balance is Rs XXXX and your account validity is 2006/06/30. REFID: 211230034312”

Transfer amount from Rs 10 to Rs 50>> Rs 2.5 + Tax>>
Above Rs 50>> 5% + Tax

Charges will be deducted from sender's account e.g if Rs 20 is transferred then Rs 2.5 + (tax) will be deducted and remaining amount will be transferred to receiver's account.>>
All Govt taxes are applicable.
The account expiry details are mentioned in the SMS notification message. Following are the account validities:

Recharge Value (Rs.)
Validity (In Days)
Grace period of 90 days is awarded over and above the validity period

Account Life Cycle:Account life cycle is defined as outgoing account validity of an individual account. Whenever balance is shared the amount will be added and will increase the validity as per the respective re-charge amount.